This section lists issues - problems on the street network and related matters.

Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Bristol Cycling Campaign:

  • Highway Code changes

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    A bill is being put forward to sentence any cyclist convicted of dangerous cycling to a 14 year prison term.

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  • DfT Policy Paper - Inclusive Transport Strategy

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Lots of interesting stuff about inclusive transport regarding trains, buses, cars, public realm, streets and yes a bit about cycling too. Quotes:

    Shared Space:

    8.11 While we consider CIHT and DPTAC’s recommendations and how to take them
    forward, we are requesting that local authorities pause any shared space schemes
    incorporating a level surface they are considering, and which are at the design stage.
    We are also temporarily suspending Local Transport Note 1/11. This pause will allow
    us to carry out research and produce updated guidance.

    Objectives regarding Cycling:

    • Update Local Transport Note 2/08, which sets out the Department’s guidance to
    local authorities on designing safe and inclusive infrastructure for cyclists, to take
    account of developments in cycling infrastructure since its publication in 2008 and
    the responses to the draft AAP consultation and publish a revised version by early
    • By 2020, explore the feasibility of amending legislation to recognise the use of
    cycles as a mobility aid71 in order to increase the number of disabled people

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  • Poorly designed infrastructure

    Created by Charlie // 1 thread

    Confusion created by inconsistent design in the two parts of the new segregated cycle path - one bit is clearly segrated with a distinct red surface; the other bit appears on first glance to be shared-use but on closer inspection is intended to be segregated. Why was this allowed to happen? There are also considerable problems with traffic flow which could have been eliminated with a little more thought. I dispair of Bristol City Council's ability to get anything right!

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  • Footbridge over Railway path at Whitehall school

    Created by BCyC Chair // 1 thread

    Persistent conflict between cycling and pedestrians on busy crossing by school. This is a downhill section of the path on a major commuting route so speeds are often high. There used to be a bridge over the railway here and could easily be again. Would need to be shared use but people on bikes won't use it much as they're entering or leaving the Railway Path.

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  • Long Ashton Neighbourhood Plan

    Created by MJR // 2 threads

    The Parish Council have prepared the plan with the help of local residents, businesses and interest groups. A draft was prepared in February 2014 for consultation locally and with statutory bodies. When fully approved, it will take the place of many North Somerset Council planning policies which cover Long Ashton Parish. It will contain policies to:-

    · protect areas of Local Green Space from development

    · protect the open countryside between Long Ashton and Bristol

    · protect and improve recreation and community facilities

    · support the shops, services and businesses within the village

    · reduce traffic speeds through the village and make it a more pedestrian friendly environment.

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  • Filton Holiday Inn Access

    Created by Eric Booth // 0 threads

    Cycle path is broken up by cars coming off the dual carriageway into the hotel (before a barrier). So a cyclist not only has to stop, but then turn around and look behind them for cars careening off the dual carriageway into the hotel.

    Raised on CTC Infrastructure map

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  • A Hazard Rich Environment

    Created by Sam Saunders // 0 threads

    A recent Bristol Cycling Campaign ride returned to Bristol from Nailsea using the Festival Way.
    Daylight was fading & they were already using front & rear cycle lights (which would be "side on" to approaching traffic whilst crossing B3128).
    The final North Somerset stretch after Long Ashton crosses the B3128 to use the off-road route past the Dovecote.

    Concern was raised about the safety of this crossing to the central island due to:-

    traffic approaching at speed on a bend - potentially endangering "Bristol bound" cyclists
    Poor site line - "Bristol bound" cyclists view of approaching fast traffic is obstructed by both the bend & by vegetation
    low cycle capacity at the central island (for a Festival Way route potentially with significant numbers "stranded" on the island or left waiting to cross to it compounding the dangers of poor sight line).

    One of our concerned participating cyclists on that ride is the Chair of Bristol Civic Society.

    This location was previously raised in my snagging email of 12 April 2013 14:11 headed "Re: 24 April Cycle Forum reminder and item for discussion"
    " 1.1.2 NCN 33 crossing B3128
    Vehicles approaching from the SE have a "cycle crossing" sign but will tree growth soon obstruct drivers vision when approaching?
    Does the central island have enough capacity for peak numbers crossing?"

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  • Pedestrianise Clifton Triangle

    Created by aSemy // 1 thread

    The Freedom To Ride Manifesto, a petition run by Bristol Cycling Campaign, calls for a comprehensive cycle network across Bristol. As part of this I have sketched a plan to pedestrianise Bristol's Clifton Triangle and kick start a discussion.

    My aims were
    1) Pedestrianise the road from Victoria Rooms to Wills Memorial Building
    2) Using ideas seen in New York, plan for a minimum of work, meaning this can be done cheaply and removed if a trial doesn't work.
    3) Provide a decent pedestrian and cycle through routes, redressing the balance

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  • Old Market Redevelopment Plans

    Created by David Wilcox // 0 threads

    The Old Market Community Association have published their vision of a redeveloped Old Market and West Street.

    The Bus Stop Island would be removed and the pavement widened. No mention of any cycling facilities, be they lanes or even parking is mentioned in their plan, other than to route cyclists away from this logical thoroughfare.

    The plan is here

    They are having a meetings later in October 2013.
    17th October 2013 – NPN Quarterly meeting
    23rd October 2013 – proposed OMQ Neighbourhood Plan Briefing event.

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  • Baldwin Street Cycle Safety Fund scheme

    Created by aSemy // 0 threads


    The purpose of this scheme is to address the large number of crashes involving cycles on Baldwin St, at the junction with Queen Charlotte Street.

    We propose extending the existing cycle track at Welsh Back and take it across the junction via a humped crossing. We have introduced a ‘floating bus stop’ to separate buses and cyclists. There will be a formal crossing point for pedestrians to access the stop from the footway.

    A small number of parking places would be removed but loading, bus and taxi facilities are retained, although altered.

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  • Obstruction to family cycling

    Created by Martinn // 0 threads

    There is a set of bollard which have been placed that prevent cycling as a family, in order to reduce car journeys. Negotiation without manhandling the Bike and dismounting is impossible when riding a Tandem, and requires even more effort when a Tag -along is connected. Can these obstructions be removed please

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  • Development of Brunel Mile, Bristol

    Created by Sam Saunders // 0 threads

    The Brunel Mile is a notional route between Millennium Square and Temple Meads Station. A video (date uncertain) on the Better By Bike website shows the intended journey.
    Some of the route shown in the video corresponds with Bristol Cycling Campaign's important orbital freeway: Fo1 Inner Loop Redcliffe Way to Triangle. (see,-2.665343&spn=0.025758,0.032959&dg=feature) To enable a network to develop coherently as it grew, Fo1 would be our recommended route.

    As it stands (July 2013) there is only one short section of the Brunel Mile that meets a majority of the criteria that would characterise a cycling Freeway, namely the segregated cycle lane across Redcliffe Bridge which fails only on the "continuous" criterion. It seems important that all of it should do, as a priority, given that sections of the Brunel Mile are very heavily used by cyclists and pedestrians, especially at peak times. For many visitors coming by train with cycles or using the Brompton Dock at Temple Meads this will be a first experience of cycling in Bristol. It needs to make sense and to be easy to use first time.

    Issues and suggestions, as things stand, are as follows

    1. Pero's Bridge already has too much pedestrian and cycle traffic. It is often uncomfortable for pedestrians and for cyclists. Keeping it as part of a major cycle route through the city is unacceptable. Route Fo1 uses Prince Street instead, where a wide segregated cycle lane would be feasible.
    2. The Royal Oak Avenue, Queen Square and Bell Avenue sections would benefit from clear segregation of pedestrians and cyclists, along the lines suggested by the de facto segregation that tends to happen at peak times.
    3. The pedestrian and cycle crossing at Welsh Back might benefit from an analysis of behaviour at that junction and consideration of standards adopted in other places. Casual observation suggests a great deal of uncertainty among all road users as to what is supposed to happen and who has priority.
    4. At the end of Redcliffe Bridge cyclists are faced with uncertainty as to whether to continue along the paved area beside Freshford House or use the pavement alongside Redcliffe Way. Signage at that point (as it is all along the route) is confusing, inconsistent and unspecific.
    5. Crossing Redcliffe Street by cycling straight over the zebra crossing and expecting cars to stop seems to be condoned, and practised. This doesn't feel right and matches no standards that I am aware of. A clear decision needs to be made about how cyclists and pedestrians can cross here without arcane knowledge of "Bristol Rules". Many of those using this (as on the other crossings on the Brunel Mile) are visitors to the city on their first mile of city cycling.
    6. The following section of Portwall Lane could be made into a fully segregated cycle lane, with a better crossing at Phippen Street. The numbers of pedestrians, cyclists and out-of-office smokers on this section can be very high and leaving the traffic to fend for itself is inimical to a genuine 8-80 environment.
    7. At the end of the Portway there is great ambiguity about how to reach Temple Meads on a bike. The Better By Bike video shows the least satisfactory option that ends abruptly on the wrong side of Temple Way with two busy pedestrian crossings and an unsatisfactory cobbled road to negotiate before reaching the front of the station. Most cyclists seem to use one of the more direct routes over light controlled crossings to The Friary, thence to the side entrance of Temple Meads where the presence of the Brompton Docks and the Cycle Hub van give a natural welcome.
    8. Development work on the derelict "island" around Portwall Road East should take full account of the existing use of that section as a crossing point for cyclists and pedestrians getting to and from Temple Meads Station.

    In conclusion, A cyclist coming off the platforms at Temple Meads should be able to see very clear signs about which exit to use, and which path to use to get to Bristol City Centre. At present there is nothing at all. Once they have made an exit they should be able to see cycling specific signs that are prominent and clear. They should then be able to follow a designated route that is self-evident and waymarked. The current pedestrian signs are elegant and have good maps, but they are no more use to cyclists than they are to motorists.

    A cyclist wanting to get to Temple Meads Station from Bristol City Centre should be able to find the Brunel Mile (on Fo1) from wherever they are without too much difficulty, and then follow it confidently all the way to the railway platforms.

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  • Blocked Cycle infrastructure Johnsons Lane, Whitehall

    Created by Eric Booth // 1 thread

    I need to report a problem with a route in Whitehall. The council made a hoohaa about linking the cycle path to St George Park. They installed a contraflow in Stretford Road, a bike crossing over Whitehall Road and signage between the cycle path and the park. Laudable. I have used this route to take my daughter to Whitehall Primary School on Johnsons Road for the last year. She had her first Bikeability Lesson on Sunday and is now riding to school (aged 6 - v. proud!!). However, where the link goes through a snicket between the Kings Head pub and Packers Field it is being blocked by cars. This is making navigating a blind corner even more dangerous. Links to pictures below.

    A lot of money was spent on this link and its being rendered unusable.

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  • Whiteladies tree removal

    Created by aSemy // 0 threads

    A tree on the side of East side of Whiteladies road (next to HSBC) has a notice stating that the tree will be removed and replanted. The tree is on the very wide pavement right next to the road, and the road is not wide enough for vehicles and cyclists: a pinch point.

    There is clearly enough space on Whiteladies road for a segregated cycle lane. It is a popular route used often by heavy traffic. With enough shifting of road lanes there's even enough room for an uphill cycle lane.

    Replanting the tree away from the road would remove one small obstacle and show evidence that BCC is looking towards improving cycling in the long run.

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  • Whiteladies Rd/Blackboy Hill new signalised crossing for St John's School - detailed drawings

    Created by Eric Booth // 1 thread

    Another pinch point issue being installed on Whiteladfies Rd as part of the St. John’s Primary School Expansion which links the school in Worrall Road to the new site at the old police station at Lower Redland Road. Looks bad at the moment as there's just the buildout but signals will follow.

    BCC Engineer states:
    "In terms of specific cycle facilities we are making a number of improvement to the area:

    Adding a 1.5 metre uphill cycle lane on Whiteladies Road near the Grove Road area (existing signalised crossing is to be removed).

    Adding a 1.5m uphill red surfaced cycle lane (without markings) through the crossing on Whiteladies Road near Lower Redland Road.

    Adding a continuous contra-flow cycle lane through the 2 one-way sections of Lower Redland Road (which was requested by cyclists in the area).

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  • Badly phased lights

    Created by christhebull // 0 threads

    Heading westbound along Bridge Road towards the junction with Rownham Hill, one sees a narrow (90 cm wide) cycle lane leading to an ASL (lacking the appropriate markings), however, the main issue with this junction is the time given to cyclists heading across Rownham Hill into Ashton Court Estate. A slow cyclist who passes the stop line just after the signals turn amber will struggle (uphill) to cross towards the gatehouse before traffic coming up Rownham Hill gets a green light. As cyclists will have previously navigated the debacle that exists on both sides of the Suspension Bridge, this is hardly a welcoming introduction to what is actually a very nice estate to ride around.

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  • South Gloucestershire A38 consultation

    Created by christhebull // 1 thread

    South Gloucestershire have released plans of their proposed changes to their section of the A38 Gloucester Road. Several locations will be altered, namely:

    Northville Road Roundabout
    Filton Roundabout
    A38 / Filton Avenue Junction
    A38 Patchway Slips

    The proposals can be viewed here and the consultation closes on the 29th July.

    What is being proposed is, in my mind, inadequate, as the modifications are mostly tinkering with junctions, with cyclists still expected to use the mainline carriageway (which has a 40 mph speed limit north of the Air Balloon). This route forms part of Bristol Cycling Campaign's proposed "cycle freeways" and the proposals are nowhere near adequate for this road to be called such - so make your voice known at consultation!

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  • Joining Bath Spa Uni with Bristol-Bath Railway Path

    Created by ambrosen // 1 thread

    For additional commuter access to the Newton Park campus of Bath Spa uni, does anyone have any ideas about upgrading the footpath over the field from route 4, under the railway to the new path on the A4, linking up with the university.

    I realise that for westbound commuters, this duplicates the route which took some effort to get made on the A4, and that it needs a new right of way to be made/purchased/recovered from the historic record, but it looks like a good link.

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  • Potholes on Cumberland Road

    Created by carlystevens1989 // 1 thread

    There are a number of varying sized pot holes along the Cumberland Road leading up the traffic lights near the Mud Dock Deli, the side of the road with no cycle markings. They are mainly on the edge of the road, the largest being around 12 inches in diameter and are also in succession of each other. I would estimate around 10-15 pot holes in total.

    Cars are often less than forthcoming when you have to move into the middle of the road to avoid them and therefore cyclists often cycle on the path in order to avoid them - although this path is wide enough to accommodate a cyclist it is not a shared path.

    It would also be useful if this side of the road had cycle markings like the other side.

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