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  • Ambiguous Junction For Cycle Path at Clift House Road

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    Twice in recent days I have encountered ambiguity over right of way when cycling westward from the shared foot/cycle path on Clift House Road, across an entrance road and onto the new continuation path towards Ashton Avenue Bridge. Four lanes of merging traffic are travelling eastbound and occasionally one vehicle will turn off the main road into the access road. While I might assume that having started to cross this road I have right of way over a vehicle turning into it, the road markings and the sheer size of the junction make it unclear as to what ought to happen. It might be that the left turning traffic should have to negotiate a much more obvious turning, rather than the wide sweep that allows the turn to be made at full speed.

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  • Awkward Junction For Cyclists in 20 mph Zone

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    Busy Ashton Road (a 20 mph road from the A3029) bends eastward into the commercial area of North Street, close to a well-used park. On the bend, immediately adjacent to a park entrance, Frayne Street brings one-way traffic from the north west, and allows cycles to travel in the opposite direction towards Cumberland Basin. Coronation Road has two way traffic on the north east side.

    A recently installed calming measure has narrowed the road on the bend, as shown in the picture. The irregular shape of the road that results has made the turn into Coronation Road awkward for cyclists and, as can be seen from the lower half of the picture, some cyclists take ad hoc routes to avoid the complication. Buses and large lorries also use the route into North Street and most vehicles take the bend at about 30 mph, despite the speed restriction.

    As a route for cyclists, there could be a continuous segregated lane alongside the park (perhaps shaving a metre from the park itself, crossing Frayne Road with priority and following Coronation Road eastbound. A large number of school children use the route along the park every day but only a very few use a bicycle.

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  • Dangerous Junction

    Created by David Wilcox // 0 threads

    This junction is a problem. It has four exits and no one indicates their intent. We got the billboards removed a couple of years ago, but there are still accidents here.
    It's a 20mph zone and most drivers ignore it.
    The Magdalene place junction needs to be blocked off.

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